FCC Proposes Comprehensive Review of Media Regulations

FCC Proposes Comprehensive Review of Media Regulations

The FCC released a draft Public Notice (“PN”) on media deregulation, which has been circulated for tentative consideration at the FCC’s May 18, 2017 open meeting.  If adopted, the draft PN would initiate a “comprehensive review” of broadcast and other regulations.  The full draft is available HERE.

The range of rules potentially up for consideration and reform is broad.  An attachment to the draft PN simply identifies the primary parts of the FCC’s rules which apply to media companies, including Parts 73 and 74 (broadcasters), Part 76 (cable systems and other MVPDs), Part 25 (DBS systems), and Part 17 (tower marking and lighting).  Also included is the Commission’s Part 1 rules, which govern practice and procedures concerning matters such as license renewals and application filing requirements.

The PN states that the objective of the proceeding is “to eliminate or modify regulations that are outdated, unnecessary or unduly burdensome” and that the proceeding represents “another step to advance the public interest by reducing unnecessary regulations and undue regulatory burdens that can stand in the way of competition and innovation in media markets.”

Assuming that the full FCC adopts the draft PN, comments would be due 30 days after the item is released, with reply comments due another 30 days thereafter.