The Public Education Partnership (PEP) program is a service supported by Georgia broadcasters to disseminate timely information on critical state issues. Our services are available for nonprofits, state agencies, and other charitable causes. By broadcasting the PEP spots your station is fulfilling its obligation to serve in the interest of the community. In lieu of dues, member stations donate commercial inventory to clear PEP spots.  Proof of performance is required to demonstrate the success of this program to our clients.  For radio, this takes the form of affidavits.  Television inventory is verified via GAB vendor, Millenia 3.

How it Works

GAB distributes monthly insertion orders to both radio and TV members which outline the clients and the spots that a station should run for each. Radio members are able to download the spots on our website, TV members receive them via email through Hightail links in your preferred file format. To get started, all we need is a point of contact to receive communications. Please contact the GAB office at or 770.395.7200 for more information.


GANG- December 2017 PEP Radio Insertion Order   December 2017- PEP Radio Insertion Order   December 2017- Spanish PEP Radio Insertion Order   CLICK TO DOWNLOAD RADIO SPOTS


GANG- December 2017 PEP TV Insertion Order   December 2017- PEP TV Insertion Order   December 2017- Spanish PEP TV Insertion Order   TV SPOTS ARE EMAILED TO MEMBER STATIONS VIA HIGHTAIL LINKS FROM:  

Download the PEP Generic Clearance Affidavit Form

PEP-Affidavit (Word Doc)   PEP-Affidavit (PDF)