FCC Deadlines October

FCC Deadlines October

Quarterly Issues/Programs Lists

October 10: All full power AM, FM, Class A TV and full power TV stations must place their quarterly issues/programs lists in their station public inspection files.  The issues/programs list should include details of important issues affecting a station’s community, and the station’s programming aired during July, August, and September 2016 that addressed those issues.  The list should include the time, date, duration and title of each program, along with a brief description of each program and how that program relates to the relevant community issue.  At a minimum, it is recommended that at least 6 to 10 issues be identified on the list, as well as a number of programs responsive to each issue.  It is advisable to include PSAs and other community-oriented programming in the quarterly list, although PSAs alone are not sufficient evidence of community-oriented programming.

TV stations must upload their quarterly issues/programs list to their online public file.  Radio stations in top 50 markets that employ 5 or more full-time employees must also upload the issues/programs list to their online public file.  Other radio stations may continue placing their issues/programs lists in their paper public files or on a computer located at the main studio, although they may elect to begin using their FCC-hosted online public file at any time.  Such stations have until March 1, 2018 before the online public files become mandatory.

Children’s Programming

October 10: TV stations must file their quarterly FCC Form 398 children’s programming reports electronically with the FCC, using the FCC’s Licensing and Management System (LMS).  A copy of the form, once filed, will be automatically uploaded by the FCC to the station’s online public inspection file.  TV stations must also complete a certification of compliance with the FCC’s commercial limits during children’s programming aired in the Third Quarter of 2016, and that certification must be manually uploaded to the station’s online public file.  TV stations also must complete a certification of compliance with the requirements concerning the display of website addresses during children’s programming; however, there does not appear to be any place to upload the website address certification.  It appears that stations can elect to either upload such certifications along with their commercial limits certifications, or retain the website certifications in their private records.

TV stations are reminded to periodically publicize the existence and location of the station’s Form 398 reports, in the form of periodic on-air announcements and website information.

DTV Ancillary/Supplementary Services Reports

Looking ahead to December, the DTV ancillary/supplementary services reports for TV and LPTV stations, formerly known as FCC Form 317, must be filed in LMS by December 1, 2016.