FCC Opens “Modernization of Media” Review

FCC Opens “Modernization of Media” Review

On a 2-1 vote, the FCC adopted the attached Public Notice (PN) which will open a comprehensive review of the FCC’s media regulations.

Essentially all FCC media regulations are being reviewed, except for media ownership rules, which will be examined separately later this year, and the video disabilities access rules, which were deemed too new to be subject to review.

Comments and reply comments in this proceeding will be due on July 5 and August 4, respectively.

Four specific examples cited by Commissioner O’Rielly of possible reforms are:

  1. Eliminating the FCC Form 317 Ancillary/Supplementary reports due each December 1, except for stations that are required to report revenues and pay the 5% fee.
  1. Eliminating the FCC Form 397 mid-term EEO reports as duplicative, given that all station EEO reports are now available online.
  1. Modifying the local public notice requirements to eliminate the newspaper obligation and instead have an online notice obligation, e.g., on a station’s website.
  1. Modifying the retransmission consent notices sent every 3 years, by eliminating the certified mail requirement and instead requiring an online notice.