Register Your C-Band Dishes Before October 17, 2018

Register Your C-Band Dishes Before October 17, 2018

*Update* 6/21/18:

The FCC has extended the deadline to register C-Band Receive Only Dishes by 90 days. The new deadline to register is October 17, 2018. Read the updated Public Notice HERE


The FCC recently issued a Public Notice announcing a 90-day filing window for C-band satellite dishes that have not been registered with the FCC.  These dishes operate in the 3.7-4.2 GHz band, which the FCC is proposing to use for mobile broadband. 

Between now and July 18, 2018, anyone with a constructed and operational, but currently unregistered, C-band receive-only satellite dish may file an application to be registered for interference protection, subject to the outcome of the FCC’s ongoing inquiry and any subsequent proceedings.

No prior frequency coordination is required in order to register your C-band dish during this 90-day period.

If your dish is not registered before July 18, the FCC is unlikely to protect it from interference going forward.

Additional information, including instructions for filing in the FCC’s International Bureau Filing System (IBFS), are provided in the Public Notice.


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