Step-by-Step Instructions for Populating Your Online Public Files

Step-by-Step Instructions for Populating Your Online Public Files

 “This information is provided by the Alabama Broadcasters Association as a general guideline and is not offered as legal advice. Stations should check with legal counsel for additional information.”

Step-by-step YouTube video HERE

Set-by-step notes from video tutorial Contents of Radio Public Files 010418


1. Create a work sheet for each of your Federal Registration Numbers (FRN). If you have more than one station, others maybe be under a different licensee name and would have a separate FRN.

2. Note the 10 digit FRN log in and password for each station on your work sheet.

3. Under each FRN, list each set of associated call letters and facility ID# numbers.

4. Go to the FCC online web site .

5. Click on the link “For Filers” in the banner at the top of the page. 6. Click on the “Owner Dashboard” link in bold in the paragraph below the blue banner.


7. In the “Owner Sign In” box click the “Station Type” drop down box and select

8. Enter your FRN number and FRN password then click “Sign In”.

9. Data boxes will appear for each station that is associated with the FRN that was entered.

10. On your worksheet, list the Call Letters, Facility ID (Entity ID) plus the Passcodes shown in the boxes on this page for each station. Note: The Facility ID and password code in very important since you will use it each time you log in to update the files. Also, note the password is case sensitive.

11.Back space twice and click on “Sign in to Manage Pubic Inspection Files” link in the blue banner.

12.Enter the required information and click “Sign In”. You are now on the station management page. DO NOT click on the button at the top labeled, “(Call Letters) profile is currently turned off” until you have completely uploaded all of the required documents!!!

13.By hoovering over the “Manage Public Inspection File” tab in the blue banner at the top of the page, you can select from the different folders you will need to populate with your station documents.

14. At the bottom of each page where you are uploading documents you must click on “Upload”. Follow instructions in the upload box to browse for the required documents on your local computer. Once you have selected the files you wish to upload in the folder (maximum 15 per upload) click on “Start Upload”.

A Letter from Your GAB President, Chairman and Radio Chair:

On Thursday March 1, 2018, all radio stations, including those with fewer than five employees must have made the transition to electronic public files. With the deadline rapidly approaching, the GAB is receiving more and more inquiries from our radio members seeking advice. We believe you will find the YouTube tutorial very helpful as you prepare to make this important transition from manual to electronic public files.

We would like to thank our neighbors from Alabama for providing this excellent and easy to follow tutorial. Thank you to ABA President Sharon Tinsley and to their wonderful engineer, Larry Wilkins.

The GAB reminds you that this information is provided to you as a general guideline and is not offered as legal advice. Stations should check with legal counsel for additional information.

We ask if you do have questions to call the GAB office,  not Alabama as they are providing this information to several other state associations. 


Dennis Jones         Bob Houghton          Velvet Perry

Chairman GAB      President GAB          Radio Chair GAB