Upcoming FCC Deadlines

Upcoming FCC Deadlines

EAS Forms

EAS Form Three must be filed by November 19 in connection with the nationwide EAS test that was held on October 3. 

Annual EEO Public File Reports

By December 1: EEO public file reports for radio and TV stations in Georgia must be uploaded to station online public files and posted on station websites.  The EEO public file report is not required to be in any particular format, but it must demonstrate: (1) that the station recruited for all full-time employee (FTE) vacancies (an FTE for this purposes is anyone who works 30 or more hours per week), including showing all recruitment sources and referrals used and (2) that the station participated in employment outreach activities of at least the minimum required.  The minimum number of outreach activities for employment units with 10 or more FTEs located in a market with a population of 250,000+ is four (4) outreach activities over a 2-year period; for all others, the minimum number is two (2) outreach activities over a 2-year period. The EEO public file report should cover the period from approximately December 1, 2017 to approximately November 30, 2018.  Employment units that employ fewer than 5 FTEs are not required to prepare EEO public file reports, but they still must have a general policy of affording equal opportunity in employment.  Such stations should consider placing a notation in their public inspection files indicating that they are not required to prepare EEO public file reports. 

DTV Ancillary/Supplementary Services Reports

Television stations are no longer required to file an annual DTV ancillary/supplementary services report (formerly known as FCC Form 317) by December 1,unless the station generated revenue from such services.  The FCC has otherwise eliminated this requirement.